White Glove Service Delivery for domestic and international orders over 24 x 30" or 61 x 76 cm

About The Art

Passion Projects

Emerging from a deep appreciation for people and story, Frances Whisnant’s vibrant Passion Projects are full of drama and life. Frances’s canvas is a stage, her subjects are actors, and her art supplies become the directorial tools she uses to amplify the subtle, overlooked, or hidden beauty present in the strangers and loved ones captured in her work. These projects highlight a unique union between past and present as Whisnant blends Rococo and Neoclassical styles with surrealism to create art that speaks to contemporary audiences. Her hope is that what she captures with her brush moves people to a place of reflection and dialogue.  Her work, with some currently in homes/organizations in Saudi Arabia, France, Brazil and New York, will be a valuable addition to any public or private space. 


Commissioned Work

Frances Whisnant’s commissioned work is defined by its commitment to fostering artistic community with others. Much like Frances’s Passion Projects, her canvas is a stage – only this time the client writes the script while she is the one who interprets & performs. Commissioning these pieces begins with perspective clients sharing their vision, budget, and project goals. Sitting with the provided information allows Frances to complete a brief sketch which will serve as the template for a one of a kind piece after client approval and down payment are confirmed.

General Information/FAQ

  • Can you explain your pricing? Pricing is based on the total square inches of a painting, plus materials.
  •  What is “White Glove Shipping”? White Glove Shipping is the method in which our art courier delivers our  pieces. Couriers deliver the piece and install it in your home. This is included (and mandatory) with larger items. If you don’t want the item to be shipped, a pick-up option is available.
  • I want the item picked up. Can I send my employee/friend/family to pick it up? To avoid misunderstandings and fraud, the person providing the payment must be the one to retrieve the piece. Exceptions include a written and signed statement giving approval of the person who picks up the item. Proof of identification upon pickup will be required. This is to ensure the protection of all parties involved. 
  •  Why can’t I buy your larger pieces directly through the site? To prevent fraud, we need to verify identity as well as ensure all questions and concerns are addressed prior to purchase. 
  • International customs details: Valued Added Tax may be subject to the client, depending on the shipping option chosen. Please monitor your tracking number closely and check in with your local post office upon arrival for outstanding VAT or duties. Unless specified in the shipping contract, customs duties including VAT are to be paid by the recipient.
  • What is your method of payment? At this time, we are accepting cash, wire transfers, and checks.